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8.1 The absolute grading system shall be applied in evaluating performance of  the students.

8.2 The following scale of grading system shall be applied to indicate the performances of students in terms of letter grade and grade points as given below:

Letter Grade with meaning             Grade Point

O  Outstanding            10 (Marks securing above 90%)

A+  Excellent            9 (Marks securing 80%-90%)

  Very Good            8 (Marks securing 70%-80%)

B+  Good            7 (Marks securing 60%-70%)

B  Above Average           6 (Marks securing 50%-60%)

P  Pass           4 (Marks securing 40%-50%)

F  Fail           0 (Marks securing below 40%)

Abs  Absent/Incomplete              0

Exclusive Class Interval technique shall be followed in calculation of Grade Point

8.3 The Letter grade 'B' and above shall be considered as First Class and Letter grade
'B' shall be considered as a Second Class.

8.4 A student is considered to have completed a course successfull and earned the pre-
scribed credit if he/she secures a letter grade other than 'F' (Failed) or 'Abs' (absent/Incomplete).

8.5 If a candidate secures 'F' grade in a Course, he/she shall have to reappeare in the
Course in the next legitimate chance.

8.6 If a student secures 'F' grade in Project Work/Dissertation/Assignment etc., he/she
shall have to re-submit it after neccessary revisions. The Result shall be declared with next regular batch.

8.7 'Abs' grade shall be awarded to a candidate if he/she has not fulfilled the following requirements.
(i) If a candidate fails to appear in any Course(s) in an end semester examination.
(ii) If a candidate fails to submit the project work/dissertation/assignment of an end semester examination.
(iii) If a candidate is certified as not eligible to appear in any course(s) in an end semester examination by the Course Teacher(s) due to insufficient attendance in lectures, tutorials, practical or field works.

8.8 The candidates not appearing in a Semester Examination shall be considered as an 'Abs' candidate and that will be reflected in the Grade Sheet of the candidate. These candidate shall have to covert the 'Abs' grade by appearing in the next examination on the Course (provided he/she has legitimate chance to appear the Course) concerned or by submitting project work/dissertation/assignment etc.

8.9 Results of the candidates appeared in the Betterment of Backlog Examinations shall not be counted for the award of Prizes/Medals, Rank or Distinction.

The University may issue consolidated Transcript on payment of a prescribed fee which shall contain Letter grade, grade points and SGPA and CGPA mentoring the Course Titles in details, medium of instruction and programme duration.

Credit Transfer
Inter-Institutional transfer of Credits may be considered by the Dibrugarh University on reciprocal basis or in compliance with the relevant Guidelines of the UGC.

Rules for Admission on Transfer from other University
(a) The University shall allow admission on transfer of students from other Universities. However, such transfer shall be permissible provided that -
(i) both the Universities conduct the same degree programmes under the CBCS.
(ii) the course structure along with the nomenclature of the courses are similar between the two Universities.
(iii) the combination of courses opted by the candidate are not changed.
(b) In fulfillment of thee conditions as laid down in clause 11 (a), a candidate may be allowed to get admission on transfer from other Universities on production of transfer certificate, proof of classes attended, migration certificate, etc. not later than 1 (one) month from the commencement of the classes of the semester concerned. The records of  class  attendance, performance in internal assessment in his/her credit shall be carried over on admission and shall be computed for the purpose of examination. With  such permission of transfer, the Credits earned by the student shall also be accepted by the University.
(c) A candidate shall have to apply for transfer in the prescribed formate of the University.

(a) It shall be ensured that the University shall maintain fundamental code of professional ethics in implementing these Regulations.
(b) For any matter not covered under these Regulations for the DU UGC BCS Programmes, the existing Dibrugarh University Rules. Ordinances and the Dibrugarh University Act, 1965 (as amended) shall be applicable.
(c) The Dibrugarh University CBCS Board and/or the Examination Committe of the Uni-versity shall remove any difficulty, which may arise in the course of operations relating to execution of the DU CBCS programmes.