About IQAC

The college has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell on 11-07-2005. The college strives to achieve level of quality in education. In the last year the policy of the college was to achieve quality in its academic front by increasing enrollment which yields very good results. But drop out is one of the major problems in this area. IQAC of the college took active role in the process of increasing enrollment. The next policy is to improve the teaching-learning process. The IQAC discuss with the Principal to recommend the types and numbers of teaching aids needed. The IQAC in fact has served as the guiding rails for every quality improvement policy of the institution. Many of the quality initiatives have originated from the cell and advised to implement the policies through concerned committees. ICT facility is introduced in majority of the class rooms for improvement of the teaching-learning process with the initiative of IQAC. The conference halls are also developed and digitalized with virtual mode by the direction of IQAC.

IQAC Committee